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Past & current steam projects

1925 Sentinel Timber Tractor
Chassis repairs and building of new front wheels

1910 Fowler B6 Road loco "Titan"
Mechanical repairs.

1889 Fowler B3 Traction engine "Invincible"
Completed full restoration.

Pair of 1919 Fowler BB1 ploughing engines
Boiler work and mechanical restoration.

1917 Kerr Stuart 2’ gauge loco
New boiler re using original copper firebox

1927 Fowler DNB roller
Extensive boiler work and full rebuild

1905 Fowler D2 roller
Complete new boiler, new gears and mechanical rebuild.

1870’s Fowler horse drawn water cart
Repaired chassis, new riveted water tank and new horse shafts.

1918 Fowler 5/6 anti balance plough
New chassis section and full rebuild.

1910 Lancashire boiler
Riveted repairs in position, repairs to flues and boiler test.

1875 Mill engine
Fitted hand made 18” piston rings and mechanical restoration.

Pair of 1918 Fowler BB1 ploughing engines
Extensive boiler work, new bearings, new tender and full mechanical restoration / rebuild.

1915 Fowler 11/13 cultivator
Full restoration.

1920 Dyson 40 ton trailer
Full restoration.

National Trust
We have repaired various mill engines and water wheels for the National Trust over the years.

Pair of 1875 Fowler 14hp single cylinder ploughing engines
Full rebuild from parts, new boilers, new bearings, reconditioning of every part from derelict.

1917 Kerr Stuart Loco
Full boiler rebuild including fitting of copper firebox

1925 S Type Marshall boiler
New firebox and tube plate