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Dr Allan Marchington
Congratulates Israel Newton & Sons Ltd on the standard and quality of their work

Dr Allan Marchington wrote the following letter to Israel Newton & Sons Ltd on the 9th May 2009:

Dear Lorraine

I feel compelled to write to you, to congratulate the team at Israel Newton & Sons Limited on the standard and quality of their work. Restoring steam engines which are well over 100 years old is an incredibly difficult task to do well. Many engineering companies use modern day techniques to find quick fixes in their restoration and it shows in the detail of their work. However I have been impressed that your small team of engineers has studied the old crafts and skills of the Victorian engineer and are faithfully applying those techniques to projects to ensure the engine looks just right.

The restoration of my 1889 Fowler traction engine was truly remarkable. The craftsmanship and detail which is evident in the restoration is a testament to the Company's commitment to ensuring a first class job using the traditional skills and crafts of over 100 years ago. Those same skills are being applied to the restoration of my 1905 steam roller. May your good work continue.

Yours sincerely

Dr Allan Marchington