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Boiler making
Full design and re-build service available for loco type boilers from scale model to full size.

Welded or all riveted boilers can be repaired or built new in full compliance with the Pressure Equipment Directive. We are proud to be able to return a boiler to an agreed schedule as we understand how frustrating it is to have to wait to steam your pride and joy once again.

Boiler fittings
Manifolds, injectors, clack valves etc.

These can all be manufactured with expert care and attention to detail with chemical analysis of the original metal composition. The result? An identical match to the original engine part.

Round head, flat head and countersunk.

Rivets are a method of permanently joining metal sheets together. Having designed our own hot riveting equipment we are able to produce a fully authentic repair or replacement. The equipment is fully mobile allowing greater versatility for working projects.